What does being an automotive journalist, author, television producer & host, automobile appraiser, emcee and auctioneer all have in common?

Lance Lambert


Passionate about  the Automobile

Lance-biopicLance Lambert’s automotive passion likely started during his car ride home from the hospital a few days after his birth. Early childhood found him fascinated by anything with wheels and at age 14 his father gave him a broken down 1947 Dodge. Upon reaching the age of 16 he had a new driver’s license in his pocket and an old Chevrolet in his driveway.

For some, the early passion for automobiles diminishes and cars become just another necessary appliance. For Lance the passion continued to grow and resulted in a life driven by his love of the automobile. Over the years his auto appreciation was directed into many positive manifestations. At age 15 he started the Steeds Car Club, which is still active to this day. Then he began participating in car shows and eventually produced shows ranging from his first, with 12 cars in attendance, to shows with over 1000 vehicles.


Automotive Journalist

Along the way he began writing about his various auto adventures and has since been published in numerous print and on-line publications; he is currently a staff automotive journalist for Garage Style magazine and the Journal Newspapers.


Host of The Vintage Vehicle Show

lance about1Years of experience performing in comedy clubs and community theaters inspired Lance in 1993 to join talents with award winning TV producer Tim Stansbury. Together they produced the first episode of the “Vintage Vehicle Show” and now, 20 years later, it is seen weekly on 100 US stations and in 27 foreign markets with over 430 episodes having been produced.

 Lance’s automotive passion has not subsided and his latest endeavor, “Fenders, Fins & Friends: Confessions of a Car Guy” is another way for him to share his love of good cars and great friends.





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Lance Lambert

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