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Knowing the market or replacement value of your special interest or collectible automobile is extremely important. Establishing the true value is essential when buying, insuring, selling or dealing with a divorce or estate situation. Establishing the correct value can save you money when buying or can put thousands of additional dollars in your pocket when selling.

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Classic Car Appraisals

Lance Lambert has been appraising special interest automobiles since 1990. These 23 years, along with a lifetime in the old car hobby, have provided Lance with the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to appraise your pride and joy for its true value. His written report provides you with specific details about the subject vehicle and clearly explains how he has established the appraised value. Whether it’s a custom, classic, hot rod or original stock, Lance Lambert will provide you with documentation that you can utilize for all of your automobile valuation needs.

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Vintage Trailer Appraisals

Are you buying or selling a vintage trailer? Lance Lambert is experienced in the appraisal of classic travel trailers and his history includes vintage trailer ownership. He also produced the “Classic Travel Trailers” DVD of which over 28,000 copies have been sold. As host and executive producer of television’s Vintage Vehicle Show he has featured vintage trailers in several episodes. Don’t overpay for a vintage trailer or sell one for less than its true value. Take the time to have Lance establish what it is worth.

Vintage Sign Appraisals

sign appraisalsmSigns, signs, everywhere are signs! Lance’s personal collection of vintage automobile dealership and petroleum industry signs has been featured in magazines, newspapers, television shows and commercials. He has been collecting signs since his teens and continues to search daily for the next addition to his collection. This long history has provided him with the knowledge necessary to properly place a value on these graphic ghosts from the past.

Make the smart choice. Hire Lance Lambert to establish the correct value of your collectible automobile, trailer or sign. Lance’s detailed reports will give you the confidence you need to properly buy or sell that prized possession.

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