AuctioneerWhether it is auctioning off a chocolate cake or a two week Hawaiian vacation, it is the auctioneer’s job to encourage the audience members to bid as much as their budgets will allow. The difference between an average auctioneer and a great auctioneer can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Great Auctioneers Bring in More Money

Creating additional perceived value is one of the auctioneer’s responsibilities. Another is creating awareness that the money bid is going to a good cause. Happy and excited bidders raise their arms in the air more easily and more frequently when the auctioneer is doing the job properly. Lance Lambert has the ability to remind bidders what a great and desirable item is being made available to them and that for just a few dollars more it can be theirs. They also know that the money bid will help others.

AuctioneerIt’s the responsibility of any auction organizer to get the best possible items available for bidding and to hire an excellent auctioneer to get the highest bids. It’s the auctioneer’s responsibility to have the auction’s financial goal surpassed and to have every bidder smiling. Lance Lambert can accomplish both.

Auctions are successful when the audience is having a great time and responds to the auctioneer’s encouragement to bid as often as possible for as many dollars as possible. Lance Lambert will make both happen.

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