Fenders, Fins & Friends
Confessions of a Car Guy

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Author: Lance Lambert

Lance LambertEvery “Car Guy” (that includes you too ladies) has stories that elicit laughter, tears and admission of a few very bad choices. This book is overflowing with all of the above mixed in a perfect blend of gasoline, oil and laughter.

Equipping a 1955 Ford with a siren promised foolish fun but resulted in an overnight stay at the local cellblock bed & breakfast.

Putting 900 pounds of friends as far back as possible in a rock band’s 1965 Ford Econoline resulted in wheel stands and applause from admiring fans.

Using only a large bent nail to affix the steering wheel of a 1939 Ford allowed the wheel to be removed and handed to a startled passenger while the well-worn coupe was still traveling down the road.

lance-book3Perhaps riding with friends in a 1949 Chevrolet sounds like fun? It was until the occupants found themselves in a parking lot surrounded by five police cars and numerous guns pointed at them.

These and other stories come to life as Lance Lambert, host of television’s “Vintage Vehicle Show” shares his automotive adventures.

Lance has been praised by automotive industry icon Lee Iacocca and humiliated by auto expert and TV star Tim Allen. He’s had the pleasure of learning from Jay Leno and laughing with Chip Foose. His most cherished experiences have been with long time friends who have accompanied him through his lifetime of auto passion.

“Fenders, Fins & Friends: Confessions of a Car Guy” reveals all that is good about the world of old cars and why being a “Car Guy” is the best way to enjoy life.

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