Vintage Vehicle Show

vintage vehicle show

The Vintage Vehicle Show is the longest running automotive topic television show in the nation. The first episode was taped in the summer of 1993 and, since that time, over 430 additional episodes have been produced. Host and executive producer Lance Lambert and producer Tim Stansbury take you to the best car collections, museums, restoration facilities, hot rod shops and car shows in the country. Automotive icons Jay Leno, Chip Foose, Gene Winfield, George Barris, John D’Agostino and many others have all been guests numerous times.

This award winning show focuses on the love of the automobile and host Lance Lambert, described by DRIVE! magazine as “The Mr. Rogers of automotive TV shows”, brings his casual humor and automotive knowledge to each episode. He has received thousands of emails and letters of appreciation from viewers and on his wall is a framed letter from viewer Lee Iacocca seeking Lance’s opinion of a specific automobile design. Mr. Iacocca asked “…as an expert, I am curious what you think of the car and if it could become “vintage” one day.”

All types of collector cars are featured on the show including everything from the most worn and weary hot rods to classics valued at millions of dollars. Lance appreciates all cars and respects the love and care given by people within the old car hobby.

Lance Lambert is not simply a talented guy in front of the camera; he is truly a “Car Guy” that enjoys bringing great cars and great car owners and builders into your living room every week.

"As a respected producer and host of your own show, in addition to the many philanthropic activities you are involved in, it makes you especially vital to the continuation of this important part of the American culture."

- Lee Iacocca, The Iacocca Family Foundation

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Vintage Vehicle Productions

Vintage Vehicle Show

Vintage Vehicle Show

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